How to Tear Up Your Competition-Warcraft Formula Review

Warcraft Formula

I heard something about a new product, Warcraft Formula, the other day from a few friends of mine that spent a lot of time sorting through all the new guide content out there. They had stumbled across what they said was a monthly eBook membership site - I didn’t believe them at first because I couldn’t see how a website could produce an eBook every month. There just isn’t that much to talk about in World of Warcraft. But, I stopped by the site to check it out and make sure it wasn’t a scam. Too many times, these big promising sites will say more than they can deliver. Here’s what I found out.

First of all, the pedigree here is pretty solid. The authors of the guides on Warcraft Formula are Brad Johnson (of Warcraft Millionaire fame) and T Dub Sanders (of PvP Bible and WotLK Secrets fame). The two are a great pair, bringing in gold making and PvP - the two most popular sources of information and guides for the game - and they pretty much have all the resources you could need to be effective in the game.

The premise of the WarcraftFormulasite is pretty simple. You pay an upfront fee to get their Fast Track Action Plan - a guide that shows you how to put a solid account together. The guide is actually a lot more useful than it sounds at first look - it shows you how to pick a character but it also shows you which mods to get, how to join a guide, where to level and farm gold, and how to start in PvP and raiding. It’s a solid walkthrough of all the basics of the game for a beginner or a casual veteran.

After this, you get the actual product, a monthly newsletter that comes complete with details on PvP in the current month, new changes to the game, questions from readers and just about any kind of info on the game you can imagine from class changes to whatever else might come up. There are a ton of different topics already covered in the first four issues (with PvP covered in every issue).

In the end, with Warcraft Formula, you get a solid starter guide and brand new, time sensitive content each month from two of the best guide writers in WoW for a pretty low monthly price. It’s hard to believe, but this is a great deal and even better than my friends told me about. I’ll be subscribing to my own monthly membership, just to see where Brad and T Dub take it.

For more information, check out Warcraft Formula Guide Today!